Monday, October 18, 2010

Lose Weight - Start a Home Business ...

     Here's the scoop, (very bad pun intended).  A couple of scoops of this Isagenix Shake mix and you have everything you need in a meal replacement. Hey, we all know to eat five small meals a day, drink lots of water and exercise. A big challenge for many of us is the 5 small meals. We get up, get the kids out the door, and head off to work, cup of coffee in hand. You have not been up a couple of hours and you already have put your body in starvation mode and now it is going to store anything that even looks like fat - bad plan.

     OK, yes, I"m guilty ... and add to that the late night snacks and you are in big trouble. Instead of skipping meals, use the shake mix ... easy to blend and tastes great. Your body gets the message that you have the appropriate nutrition and instead of storing fat starts burning it. Join me in my efforts to lose the excess. AND...I have an awesome business opportunity with these products if you are interested. I joined the company the same year they opened and will share with you how I built over 18,000 followers.  You can do it too!  Click here for info on the business, losing weight or both.

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  1. This has been a wonderful way for us to supplement our income :)


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