Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#TravelTuesday - Here's a new feature of the blog and I need your help....

...one of the best parts of my life has been the incredbile opportunities I have had to travel. Work, play, and adventure have taken me to many corners of the planet. So, what do you say we share travel related stories, questions, and comments as they relate to personal growth, relationships or, just for fun. When you think about it, travel is an important part of our relationship life. No better way to get to know someone than to travel with them; no better way to get to know yourself. So...I'll share mine and you share yours. If the image or place visited has meaning to you...If you would like to visit the country or area..If you have a story of lost or found love...use the comment option below or email to share. I'm hoping we can build this into a regular feature over at my web site.

     So, here's the first...Ayers Rock in Australia. The rock itself is said to be one of the oldest in the world and it is an astonishing view of a land mass just plopped down in the middle of otherwise flat lands. My wife, daughter and I flew around this rock on a privately owned DC 9 - that's like a 100 passenger airplane that had been configured for 16 passengers by a wealthy dude from the Middle East. My former employer bought the plane and we flew around this rock so close you could reach out and touch it. Amazing. So, do you have a story, thought, desire to visit, love of the "Down Under?" Here we go...once a week on Travel Tuesday! (see my #TravelTuesday tweets on Twitter). Almost forgot...interestingly enough, I was involved in an emergency landing of a NorthWest Air DC 9 with 109 passengers in 1989. The plane lost all power and was set down at a private runway too small for the aircraft causing it to come to a stop in a dirt field tilted on its side with the passengers exiting by jumping out of the tail cone...YIKES! God and I had an intimate conversation that evening,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Try this visualization with audio.

Here's the visualization I posted a couple of days ago with audio. This should make it easier for you. You will either need somone to write down your responses as you give them or, be ready with pen and paper. Turn the player on and off as needed. This only works if you can really see the answers as I ask the questions, so be ready. This will work best if you record the responses from the first time you listen.

The most unique concept in photography...

These photos are embedded in beeswax, giving each one a three dimenisional quality that will have you trying to pick these apples from the tree. Susan's encaustic paintings, photographsart dolls, pillows, & jewelry are all available at her Etsy Online Store.

Susan has these great new "art pillows" for the fall season!

New at Susan's Esty Store..."art pillows!" Hey, don't ask me, I just have the priviledge of watching her come up with one great idea after another.

Friday, September 25, 2009

After watching this interview with Chyna and Mackenzie Phillips....

...I heard Mackenzie say some things that helped me understand. Let me know what you think after reading my thoughts at the Personal Growth Productions web site.

Try this visualization with me....

...if you have not done this before, take a moment and close your eyes...ok, you are going to have to open your eyes to read this but try and close them to visualize what I am going to ask...this is best done if someone reads this to you and records the answers...otherwise, make sure you jot down what you see...ok, now...clear you mind and imagine a white room...in the white room there is a cube...see the cube...where is it in the room...on the ground...floating...what is the size...large...small...when you look at the cube are you seeing one of the sides or the corner...is it transparent or opaque...now, add a ladder to the picture...where is the ladder in the room...against the wall or against the cube...is it high, is it low...tell me something about the ladder...it is easy to climb...is it difficult...now add some flowers...how many...where are they...describe them...what's your first thought about these flowers...ok, add a horse...take it slow...no hurry...where is the horse...what is the horse doing...3 words to describe the horse...last one...see a storm...is it violent or calm...where is it...is it messing up stuff or is it just happening...describe the storm. Thanks...now, you can post your answers in a comment or you can email them to me.  I will interpret these for you and publish them here if you comment or email them back to you. Remember, you have to see the answers in order for this to work and ... no cheating.

Check out my new neighbors....

More from the Skit Guys.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This really scares me...who is paying attention?

The photo was taken in 1976 and while I would like to think the archaic methodology in the picture is a thing of the past...guess again. As a Counselor in the State of Washington, I receive routine Department of Health communications. Guess what showed up today? NOTICE: Suspension of Washington State Thimerosal Limits for H1N1 Vaccine. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative normally limited by law. The limit has been suspended to get the vaccine out. Unfortunately, lifting the limits does not change why the restriction is there in the first place. I will have more on this at Personal Growth Productions in the near future but please read up on this before you let anyone stick you.

New, Original Encaustic Painting...

It's hard to convey what this looks like when you are viewing it on a wall, but Susan has managed a whole new level of texture and depth. The layering in her newest paintings have you looking into them. Check out this and more at her Etsy store.  Enjoy!

Mackenzie Phillips talks to Oprah ....

The interviewed aired yesterday as Phillips is out talking about her new book. I have not read the book yet, but the interview had me asking questions about how to best absorb what she has to say. Drugs...molestation...consensual? I will follow this up with an article at my web site, but I am anxious to hear what all of you have to say. I'm struggling with this one...please leave your thoughts here in the comments.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Laney, Laurie, Tim...my new friends...and to all of you....

.....that send me support and love every day...thank you! If I do not have your email, please send a note to me and include your web sites, blogs, twitter and facebook if you wish. The photos are my daughter and I levitating at the beach...all that meditation works!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Law of Attraction..........

Have a look and listen to Esther Hicks, (Law of Attraction), and Michael Beckwith, (Agape Center), in one of the most inspirational scenes a film by Rhonda Byrne, (The Secret). There's a New Age Trifecta! We are born into abundance and yet spend much of our time wanting...and not allowing. Whatever it is that you need, has already been provided. Enjoy!

What's with all the Stuff in our lives?

I'll start with a thank you to my pal Larry James as he gives me the heads up on so many things that need our attention. This is the first in what will be a continuing series of blog entries but I want to call your attention to these very imporant issues.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Turn your volume up so you do not miss the beginning....

.....the sit back and enjoy.  The effects are amazing and the arrangement awesome. The song gives my age away but I'm getting used to it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Shift....many people ask me what......

.....it takes to affect change in their lives. I have struggled with this question personally and at the bottom of every change, I have found that I made a decision. Everything else aside, I decided to make a change. Enjoy this movie trailer and click here for info about purchasing the DVD. Read more at Personal Growth Productions. 


Sunday, September 13, 2009

My first content on sex ...

Here's my photo typing up the content for my web site. Over the weekend, I made my first entry on the topic of sex. While there is much to say, I have decided to begin with the best source of information, good service and products that I have found for "adult toys." Please go to my site for more info. By the way, I need some help with finding a more appropriate phrase than "adult toys," or "marital aids," both of which feel creepy to me. I welcome your suggestions. My intent here is not anything other than trying to help with a subject for which reliable, educational and well-researched information is many times, difficult to find. I hope you will like my approach.

OK! I admit it...I watch True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

What's interesting about this post is that I have nothing to link this to and no real point to make.There is no inherent, socially redeeming quality here. However, just in case you are a fan also, I wanted to step forward. HBO Sundays...my only television habit. What about You?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A great new video from the skit guys.

I will dress this post up later but I wanted you to have this information quickly.  Please be sure to check out this preview of Mr. Accountability but most important, mark your calendars for The Skit Guys getting ready right now for their TV premiere, Firday night at 8PM, CST on DirectTV, Channel 378.  More to follow.

Here's another great tip from our music loving relative in Norway. Thanks Jon Cato.

Be sure to go to YouTube for more.

Vampire Inspired Art....preview for my friends!

.....if you are hooked on Twilight, True Blood or just like the whole vampire thing, Susan's newest original, encaustic paintings, (pigment suspended in beeswax), you are going to love her latest pieces. What I like most is the way she describes her inspiration.

....one of the great things about working at home with my wife, Susan, is that I have the opportunity to see her work and share it with my friends before she displays it to the public. Susan does the same thing with her friends through her blog and we invite you to follow both sites. (These images are cropped for placement - original size on Susan's blog and lager in her Esty Store).

Friday, September 11, 2009

One more post and I let it go but...

....At the same time the White House was answering questions
about Obama's message for America's students, Michael Vick
was at a Philadelphia school talking about peer pressure
Role models are an important aspect of anyone's education but....
I was not upset about Barack Obama being refused entry into our
classrooms - I was concerned about the President of the United States.
I summarized things at my web site.

Talk about setting a poor example....

Look, this is a blog about relationships and communication and not about politics but when I see human beings stooping to the lowest levels of respect, I just have to point it out. You have to be kidding...come on...the man you are disrespecting is the President of our country. Read the whole story at the Huffington Post  but if you missed the speech all eyes in the photo above are turned towards Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina, shouting, "You lie," from his seat on the floor.  Hey Joe, why not write a letter like the rest of us and set an example for the kids.  What a joke. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama scores big with last nights address but I'm still fuming....

.....about the widespread refusal to air his presentation on educaton in the classroom. All was not lost in Texas, however, where 28 fifth grade students boarded district busses to see President Bush yuk it up with the Dallas Cowboys football team. I wonder which speech will be discussed in class today?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What are we teaching our children?

     I'm assuming most of you have seen this by now but I am curious what you think. Last year, I watched a similar news story, with video, capturing a Little League baseball player...yep...a 10-year-old child, throw the same punch as the teams exchanged high fives after the game. It is definitley not the choice of sport, nor is it roid rage or any other simple excuse that causes this behavior. We are going to have to dig deep into our own stuff to figure out this one. I would like to hear what you think, your questions and comments. For more, look for an upcoming article at my web site.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An all new page....ART FOR THE SOUL

     An all new feature....the Art For The Soul page at Personal Growth Productions with three of my favorite people:  my wife Susan, my daughter Cori and my good friend Denise.  If you are into art and music to spruce up home and work, stop by and experience the talent of these three, powerful people. Susan's art for the home, Cori's music for wherever you go and Denise's contributions to the workplace.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Wayne Dyer...Excuses Begone!

     Check out Wayne on his most recent PBS special for insights into...what would it be like if you were free from the excuses that are holding you back from the life you want to live? Or, as Dr. Dyer will tell you, "all excuses are misalignments." For more video and additional information, visit Wayne at his web site.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

LABOR DAY ... What's It For?

     My good friend Larry James is much more likely to help us with information about love, sex and relationships. Today, however,  he took some time to share information with us about Labor Day. Check out the history and more at Celebrate Love.com

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Visit my Web Site .....

     Let's get acquainted! Scroll through the posts I have made in the last few weeks and check out my work at Personal Growth Productions. You will find some good articles, info on products and most of all, you will encourage me to keep moving...what do you think of the blog so far? Do you like the relationships article on the Personal Growth site? Hey, and if you have a question about relationships, sex, money, or the other topics you will find, send them over to me from the Q & A page and we can get some conversations started that will help all of us.

Original Encaustic Art featuring Santa Cruz .....

     Susan's Etsy Shop now has some awesome, new, encaustic paintings, featuring her original photography from the place I will always call home....Santa Cruz. Click here to see them on display.

Check out the new Music Player.....

In the event we have not met, this is my daughter Cori and a sample of her original music. Now living in Nashville and appearing often in local theatre productions and on the stage with her band. Visit her at ReverbNation, become a fan but most of all.....enjoy the tunes


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God's Masterpiece...

     A major league, thank you to The Skit Guys for this video. They do amazing work...please enjoy and I promise an article at the Personal Growth web site very soon.