Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips talks to Oprah ....

The interviewed aired yesterday as Phillips is out talking about her new book. I have not read the book yet, but the interview had me asking questions about how to best absorb what she has to say. Drugs...molestation...consensual? I will follow this up with an article at my web site, but I am anxious to hear what all of you have to say. I'm struggling with this one...please leave your thoughts here in the comments.


  1. Just watched it as it had been recorded. Wow.
    Hmmm. Never heard that term before, consensual incest? Is there such a thing or is it just another label? I guess this is the first we are hearing from someone who has been through it. Is it because after your 18th birthday you have some magical moment when you become an adult and now know the difference between what happens today and what happened a day ago? I know you have to take responsibility for what you do as an adult at some point, but I think that when there is molestation it has a way of perpetuating a childlike state. What did we really know at that age other than what our parents taught us (unless we are lucky enough to learn from another source)? I think she is pretty brave to be the first to talk about it...

  2. Like I said, I'm having a hard time with this one. At some point, we become responsible for our actions and a 19-year-old is definitely making decisions. I will have more on this later but I do welcome all comments.

  3. You have to understand this happens all over the world. I have a brother who had sex with my sister until she was the age of 18! Yes, it may have not started out consensual but after time it comes to a normal place. Something that was normal to them. Not normal or even alright in my mind. However, I understand how it becomes normal to them. Of course now that brother is in prison on other sex related issues for 40 years I understand more than others. God help him see his ways before his death. My sister still struggles with guilt and self esteem issues. She has paid dearly in her life for what she called a bad choice... However, for me this is not a normal! But for the unlucky that have gone through this type of incest understand it is not your fault. Society has allowed this behavior all over the world. Infact, today I worked with a client that had everyday sex with her brother until the day she married at 18 years old! I see this everyday in my business. It is sad Michael, but, I do believe Phillips lived a life of shame, guilt,and horrible drug use because she had consensual sex with her father. IT CAN HAPPEN AND DOES HAPPEN!

  4. How do we explain the 11 year-old girl who had been kidnapped 18 years ago? She was a young child who was kidnapped, had two children by her abductor and lived in his backyard. She is now 29 years old! She did what I call adapting to the world you live in! If you live it you become it. She didn't run off or tell anyone for 18 years and still would be living there had not someone reported him being with two young girls. He was a registered sex offender! She has two girls 11 and 15 with this mad man. They were raped by him also. He was their biological father. So, is it really shocking that a father and daughter may have consensual sex for many years? Phillips is just brave enough to admit it and talk about it. I am in no way saying it was alright to do this by either party. But Phillips is a victim not the bad guy. She lived it and it became normal for her. What do you think now that you may look at it from another point of view? Food for thought...

  5. I ran across the interview with sister Chyna and comments from mother Michelle...see above. I also had a day to think this over and posted my thoughts at Take a look there for the latest and thank you for your continuing comments and discussion...yes, food for thought.


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