Friday, September 18, 2009

Turn your volume up so you do not miss the beginning....

.....the sit back and enjoy.  The effects are amazing and the arrangement awesome. The song gives my age away but I'm getting used to it.


  1. Alright I am dating myself at your expense Michael… I would say Asia was the group that first put out this song. Raining Down In Africa! If I am wrong let me know. Just loved it! It was an absolutely brilliant arrangement Michael. Thank you for sharing. Loving it! Laurie

  2. Hey Laurie...the original was "Toto," here's their arrangement...did you hear the rain sound effects from the beginning of this one? Here's Toto's version:

  3. Hello Michael. Toto should have known. Yesterday was a tough day. My daughter was riding her bike and was hit by a car. It was so scary. Luckly she had no internal injuries. Just broke her arm. It was a hit and run. She said it was a grey haired man in his church suit. He didn't even get out to help her however other people did. I could of lost something so precious to me yesterday. Thank the big one in the heavens she wasn't hurt too bad. Oh, I am still stressed. I will be taking her to our family Doctor today. Why would someone hit a child in their car and leave? He was in a sedan. Her bike didn't make it. I was not able to rate your page yet. I couldn't see a link to do it. Maybe it is because blogger has still not approved my site yet. It has been days. Alright Michael I have to get some sleep. I have been up for over 24 hours. Trying to think positive today and hope it will be better than yesterday! Take care, Laurie

  4. Hi Laurie...I hope yoiu are doing better today...please send a note to my email and let me know how things are today for both of you. I have a new video and thought for today that I know you know but it always helps to have reminders.


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