Thursday, November 19, 2009

An indication we may have longer than 2012?

With all the fuss about the world coming to an end in 2012, I found this comment on the Mayan's one that gave me new hope. There's no way a society as advanced as the Mayan's would have missed the idea of using the other side. Flip this puppy over and we've got another 2,000 years!


  1. Lordy lordy! I just finished the movie 2012 this morning. I find this topic to be scary as hell! I wouldn't let my children watch it though. I felt why should they worry about something as silly as the 2001 scare. It wound up to be nothing of interest when the computer kept going and going. I believe the Mayan's were wrong! As you said they just forgot to flip it over. Or maybe they felt their civilization as they knew it would end. However, the planets lining up which happens every 640,000 years leaves us in the world wondering, what is going to happen? I'm not sure I really want the answer. I would rather die not knowing...ignorance is bliss!

  2. haha love the cartoon. i know the film someone mentioned above is good but it does make you wonder doesent it. its rather scary. well lets see what happens in 2 years fingers crossed!

    By the way thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Glad you enjoy reading. Speak to you soon and have a good day :)


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