Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops

Click here for the latest from ABC NEWS. Like many things that present themselves as a challenge, I want to give myself some time to think this one over. My first reaction is bewilderment about what is the a major reversal of campaign promises alluded to one-year ago. I'm sure we will hear how this is not a change of policy but, rather, an adaptation to constantly changing circumstances. Still, I know the average Obama pre-election supporter would say they believed the new President would not be increasing troops, regardless of location, to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. I also believe in the need to support the decisions of our elected officials with the caveat of making them aware of our position on every decision. You will begin to hear about parallels now between the LBJ Vietnam decisions and the pressure now on the President to keep our soldiers and country safe. Just as the population made its voice heard years ago, we must take the same responsibility now to make informed contributions to the formation of national policy. What you believe, counts. Please share your thoughts here and allow this forum to be a place where democracy works and each citizen heard.

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