Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Audio Update - ShrinkWrap!!!

Please Press the play button for this weeks audio update

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  1. Wow! I felt as if you were speaking to me. I will bet that many people will feel the same way. I understand you reap what you sow. I will make a conscious effort to push out the negative and put some positives in my life. That would include leaving some low self-esteem, friends, and family matters in the gutter. I have realized that some of the above is taking me into a negative spiral. I needed this self check. I have a rubber band on my wrist. I use it when I feel I am not living in the here and now. If my mind wanders off my task (thoughts about finances, family and other intrusions) I pop my rubber band and I come back to what is happening here and now. I will feel privileged to wear my meditation necklace. You and Susan both mean the world to me. Just stay away from my rubber band! As always BitchingRead Laurie


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