Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My blog receives an award...and my Bank rains on my parade...

Yes! I've received paychecks and grades for my writing but never an award...and so, thanks Brian for your continuing support. Be sure to check out Brian's list of things he wants to know, inlcluding why the bank charges you an NSF fee when they know you do not have any money in your account. My bank goes even further but in a manner that is supposed to be helpful. First, they pay the overdraft by charging the amount to a credit card. Of course, since I did not initiate the transaction, they charge a fee, ($30.00). The amount due accrues interest at almost 30% compounded what seems like every second until paid. Two months ago, the interest and fees for a couple of days raised the amount due to more than I had calculated and before I noticed, the .32 cents I did not pay went over 30 days past due. Yep, they send a ding to my card company and combined with an erroneous report they filed about my mortgage, led them to "proactively" cancel my card. I know I have responsibility here - who would be stupid enough to use a credit card with such a high interest rate in a time of emergency...I should have known better. Financial help from a bank has become the same as airline food - either non-existant or it tastes terrible! Who would be dumb enough to eat food from an airline anyway? (Same guy that used a credit card for NSF!)


  1. Always good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It is a well deserved award. I can relate to your comments about credit cards, at one point we found ourselves using one card to pay another. It was a very bad period of my life and that hardship coupled with an employer going bankrupt owing me $28,000 really killed my credit. By the grace of God I am finally getting closer to digging out of that hole. Have a great day.


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