Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ballon Boy Questions...What do you Think?

Do you have the parents face the criminal charges and call it good? Or, should Child Protective Services intervene regardless of the outcome of the criminal complaint? Should the children be separated from the parents and if so...for how long and under what circumstances? Does separating the children from their parents simply extend their roles as victims of their caregiver's behavior.


  1. Michael,
    I have to admit that I am extremely opinionated about CPS involvement and those who think it's a necessity. What people do not understand is the huge negative impact family separation has on children. Children are always victims of the family environment, good or bad, but to be placed as victims in a strange home is oftentimes much worse. I know most people think it's for the best and sometimes it is, but if people would do some research and see the numbers of children that are abused, physically, sexually and mentally and even killed by foster families, caseworkers and even other foster children, they might think twice. When these stats were brought to the public eye a few years back, the only thing accomplished was adding more money to the paychecks of those that were already inefficient in their roles as child protectors. I fully believe that we have a responsibility to protect children, when we place them in strange environments, we should be accountable for their safety. We, as a nation, need to insist on regulations that will offer more protection to the little ones we are supposed to care for and everyone working in the field in any capacity should have intensive investigation performed prior to being approved in any position whether case worker or foster parent.

  2. Awesome Laney,

    There is no doubt these parents have need for help and I am not sure this means taking the kids. The system, as it is, cannot possibly guarantee the children will be in a better place. Removing the children is a much bigger step than most might understand in a situation like this one where a rush to judgment may easily do more harm than good. By the way, the judgment I'm speaking about here is not whether or not the whole hoax thing was criminal - it is, end of story. The judgment I speak of is what is best for the children. The challenge is going to be big in this situation because now that the public will be watching, there are many things that will influence decisions that are not centered on the well-being of these children. Thanks for your caring and your clarity of thought.


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