Monday, October 12, 2009

I read this book.......

I said in previous entries that I would wait until I read the book before I made further comments. I wanted to understand the use of "consensual" and "incest" used in the same sentence. With terms like these invoked before a national audience, I had some expectation. While backstage parties and tales of famous people using drugs may not be everyone's cup of tea, I will admit to reading and enjoying these entertainment oriented confessions. Sometimes these, boy did I screw up, stories are good reminders to some, informative to others or simply satisfy the desire for tabloid-like distraction.
In this case, however, I am lost. The very serious subject of incest is relegated to what amounts to passing comments...occupying no more than four of the almost 300 pages. The rest of the book is a repetitious description of drug abuse, One Day At A Time for 40 years. How many times is sticking a needle in your arm interesting after the first 25 mentions. There is absolutely no message, redeeming or otherwise. It's too bad this book isn't about smoking marijuana. At least Phillips could have invoked the often played television commercial that accurately and humorously relates what happens to your mind on drugs which is coincidentally what a person will get from reading this book...NOTHING!


  1. Thanks for the warning. I understand what you're saying. Maybe if you got high before you read it, it would have been better. LOL Hope you have a nice week.

  2. If you were going to get high, you would need to do it before reading this book...the picture painted about drugs by Phillips is enough to convince anyone to stop.

  3. Thanks for your honest review of the book. It was written as a money maker probably, not out of social consciousness.


  4. I've just struggled with what her real motives (other than money!) she could have in doing this piece. The way it has been presented by her in interviews and articles doesn't appear to be one of those "so this doesn't happen to someone else" type books.

    Besides the use of concensual and incest in the same sentence, these were two adults (it's my understanding that is when this all started--before her wedding).

    I feel for her son--who has to, as a teenager, process all this information, media and stigma and build a life now with all knowing his mother's dark (albeit drug induced) secrets.

    Okay...I've convinced myself. It is all about the money and her stint on Dr. Drew.

  5. Hi Wendy and all,

    I had similar issues and went ahead and bought the book after seeing the interview done with her sister Chyna. After reading, however, there is no mention of any kind of therapy regarding anything but the use of drugs. You would think in recovery, there would have been immense learning about what was happening. Not a word. As I said, the whole incest issue is handled like an after thought. The disclosure made headlines, got the interview with Oprah but has done nothing to help anyone, including Mackenzie or her family. What you will learn is about the tremendous waste of money paid to her for being very fortunate to have been the daughter of someone famous and that must have had some amount of unappreciated and never developed talent. Every dime she made and I mean this - ever bit of money went to drugs. The woman has wasted her life and now wants more money that will no doubt go to another round of addiction. If she were to set up a foundation for incest or some kind of positive destination for the money, I would be more confident that she had, indeed, learned something. She knows, she confesses, that all the money went to dope - specifically being one. Since she knows what is going to happen...why not give all the money to drug or incest recovery. This would not only keep her away from drugs but do some good.

    Sadly, you are very correct about her son as he had to watch all of this growing up. If I recall - he is now in his late 20's.


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