Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do we need to turn around?

     Yesterday, a NorthWest Airliner flying from San Diego to Minneapolis overshot its destination by about 150 miles before the pilots realized what had happened. Seems they were engrossed in a discussion about company policy. Presumably, the subject was not pilot attention span. The news was a difficult reminder of the story I posted here previously.


  1. Seems quite a public relations perfect explanation for what occured and I'm not normally a cynic. Pretty scary to think multiple pilots can deviate from a flight plan with 100's in their care without realizing it--that's quite a conversation or was it a nap?!

    Yes, God's hand was under them for the entire flight and brought them safely to the ground, just like they did you Michael.

  2. A pilot friend of mine sent me a note that says these conversations happen frequently and that with mergers and all, it is not unexpected that personalities can get involved. No doubt, some blessing at have to wonder what the Air Traffic Control screen looked like with the blip just moving merrily eastward, "yo, uh guys, GUYS, what's just missed Minnie...

  3. Must have been one interesting discussion :)


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