Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sam/Chief R. from Wanat, Afghanastan - Where are You????

I'm hoping you are safe, somewhere in this satellite photo but I do not know how to reach you. You responded to my post about Wanat and I am hoping I can connect with you in some way. Would you please send a note to me by comment here? Or better, would you send an email to me? Click Here for my address. (I will not publish anything without your permission). I want you to know how much this story and the lives lost has meant to me. I am trying to understand and make sense of what happened. Please help me.


  1. Brian,

    Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to make a difference. While I hope that "Sam," sees the post and we have a chance to talk, I know there are many people that are now working together to help us all understand what happened at Wanat and how we can best learn from these misjudgments.


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