Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel Tuesday continues in Peru.....

We may be in Peru for a while as I recall and document the details of this incredible trip. This week, I get to Lima and leave immediately for Cuzco...hang in there with me and look for more this week. The photo above shows coca leaves with a sprig of anise...I'll be talking about this combination as the journey continues.


  1. That traveling is really awesome, those other pictures of yours were inspiring too.


  2. OH yeah, did the coca leaves wake you up any?


  3. I did my best to abuse the coca leaves but no such luck. The processing necessary to convert those leaves into the more familiar powdered version is intense. The tea version does manage to get enough oxygen into your blood to help with the altitude but is about as effective as any tea in terms of a stimulant. By the way, the sprig of anise you see in the picture is used to cut the bitter flavor. When you chew the leaves, they are wrapped around the charcoal from a burned banana plant that acts as a catalyst for the stimulant. When you hike, you use the leaves on the way up the hill and then watch for the anise on the way down to combat the combined taste of the leaves and charcoal. (just in case you ever find yourself hiking in Peru).

  4. Interesting drink. I'm glad you went into more detail in your comments.


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