Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More on Dave Letterman...or should I say moron Dave Letterman.....

It appears I missed the mark when I used the word honest to describe Dave Letterman’s response to the alleged blackmail attempt. While I was right on target when I noted his use of humor, there is nothing funny about what has happened in the last few weeks to a mother and son. It appears what we have is just another sad attempt to recover lost youth or, perhaps more specifically…a grown man allowing the little head to think for the big head. I still say it is harder for a celebrity to live under the bright lights of fame than it is for us regular folks but, then again, they get the toys to go with the fame. Somewhere, you also have to account for the professional responsibility one assumes as a corporate citizen not to mention the most important piece…you are a husband and father Mr. Letterman. Click Here for the ... rest of this story.


  1. Tired of him no interest left!

  2. Hi Secretia,

    I want all of you to get to know me so, with that in mind, I will tell you that I do not even watch late night television. In fact, other than a couple of the HBO series, MMA and the occasional movie, I do not watch TV much at all. Marriage, parenting four children and my work take up the lion's share of my time right now so following any celebrity would be a bit awkward. So, why do I take the time to write about them?

    Good question and one I ask myself. I do believe that I am a lot like many others in that we do get hit with celebrity news and for me, I tend to see a part of myself in these people. Their stories also get me thinking about how we relate and how I might use what they encounter for my own personal growth. Their stories tend to illustrate the many of the challenges we all face although their lives get blown up by the media. I'm hoping that what I have to say, gives a perspective that someone will find useful and hopefully reflect on living a more graceful life. I like that word graceful because I do not think anyone is going to live problem free - it is not about avoiding issues, it is more about how we dance with them. Thus, a graceful dance becomes my goal.

    If today's news turns out to be true and there is a sex tape, we are going to be hearing more than we will want about this whole thing and, in this sense, I totally agree with Secretia as I have already had enough. On the other hand, if the story grows legs, we are going to be stuck with it for a while and, if so, I will endeavor to find some meaningful value...perhaps a cause without merit but I promise to try.

  3. Aside from your fantastic points about his role as a husband, partner, father, celebrity and thus role model (for some), I'd like to point out his role as a manager and leader to those he works with in a supposedly "professional setting." Yes, he made mistakes as a lover, friend, father and human being but he also abused his professional role as a manager/employer/leader and that cannot be overlooked (although I haven't followed it honestly, I'm sure that is NOW's point.) He abused he position of authority with the women he worked with and that too broke a bond of trust. Yes, he's human and he's obviously trying to walk that tightrope of humor/humility and guilt--perhaps that's just a bit of what's owed him, my opinion anyway.

  4. Hi Wendy...yep, on target - the NOW write-up was all about the workplace and my point precisely. Outside of the personal faux paux, Letterman really stepped in it as a corporate citizen. Interestingly, Howard Stern, who seems to like Letterman, and has strict policies for his staff and interns, has commented on the challenges he has created from himself with his employees. I'd like to see Letterman invite Stern to the Late Show...or better, it would be perfect to hear Letterman on Stern's radio show...we would get the truth about what happened in a New York minute.


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