Friday, October 16, 2009

If you have not seen this video as yet...the baby boy is not hurt....

There are  a couple of versions of this video posted on You Tube and I selected this one because it gave me time to think; to consider all that happened in those few seconds. The news report audio tells us the mother attempts to push the stroller away from the platform and out of harms way. The brake, however, was not set, and the stroller rolls into the path of the oncoming train. After stopping, the train does not move, and the baby was rescued with only a few scratches. As I watched the video for the first time, I was preparing the blog entry just above this one, Fifty People, One Question. As it turns out, the question asked and this video are very much connected.  Please give some thought to these two entries and be sure to read the entire story at my web site.


  1. The baby was saved because God rescued him. Eventhough the baby was hurt, he survived.

    Someimes... miracle happens this way!

  2. There is a great metaphor in this story. I have heard it was the stroller that shielded the baby...not that the frail construction of a stroller vs. a train would normally help. However, you have this device that holds the baby becoming the protection. You also have the device which is frail in comparison standing up to the might of the train. All kinds of images here.

  3. Great article, I know I will always put the brakes on the stroller before taking my hands off, even for a second.
    I cannot imagine how the mother is doing now, she's probably still having panick attacks.


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