Monday, October 26, 2009

Some spooky photos from Susan's recent collection.....There is still time to enter the Halloween original, encaustic painting. See details below the photos.

Check out my favorite artist's blog and her home site. Ghoolishly delicious! Remember, to leave a comment on Susan's blog as well as mine and enroll to follow me and win an original, encaustic painting.  See my previous entry for more details.

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  1. Michael, hello to you this glorious afternoon! I take pictures of headstones all the time. I have had a fascination of them since I was a child. I know it sounds really creepy but, I believe they can speak. Not in spoken words but through knowing they existed here on this planet. I live right by where my mom and dad are buried. Along with them there are people in rows known as the unknowns! I love that spot. Their graves are marked unknown and whether they were male or female and even if they were murdered or homeless. So sad for those no one has claimed. In the many photos I have of headstones you can see something else there in the photo. I feel they like it when I visit. Yes, I won something from Susan's works of art! I am so honored and lucky! I really look forward to wearing it! Keep up the good work. What a bitchingread!


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