Monday, October 26, 2009

Join Blastoff Today!!

Hi everyone...if you have not hooked up with Blastoff as yet, you can do it right now! There's good info in this week's audio update but the here's the short story. Blastoff is an online shopping mall with a myriad of online product and service companies available. Once you enroll, you earn cash back for every dollar spent while logged onto the site. You also earn a portion of anything spent by all of those enrolled under you. You cannot join directly but I have obtained an membership and you are welcome to enroll along with me. Then, take some time to enroll your friends before they sign up elsewhere. News is still limited about the site so if you jump on this now, you can create a little extra income.

To save you a little pain, the site is slammed right now and the server is slow and some of the functionality is not yet ready. I have been unable to use the import links for address books and that is why I am putting the word out like this...the facebook link is also not working. Take a minute and enroll today and when things calm down, you can go back and customize the site and use the functions.  All the tutorial videos work and the help staff is on overdose...I saw some pretty fried people trying to answer questions.

Just do this on this link to enroll. You will see my name at the top of the screen to enroll you...pick a user name, password and leave your email and get a few friends on board.

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