Monday, October 5, 2009

July 13, 2008 - The Battle of Wanat, Afghanistan....

In the news over the weekend and continuing through the week, we are seeing reports of discussions without the resolve that is now, long overdue. Pictured to the left is Jonathan Bostrom who lost life life 15 months ago in the high mountain village of Wanat. Bostrom and eight others lost their lives knowing they were ill-equipped to defend themselves. In a story printed just after his son's death Jonathan's father told the press, "It took something like this, nine soldiers killed, to be a wake-up call. I just hope my son's death drives some policy do do what we protect our soldiers." That wake-up call has yet to be answered. Please see, The Battle of Wanat for more detailed information about what happened and make yourself heard on the issues that face us today in Afghanistan.


  1. Bromstrong was a good friend of mine. I meet him at Bella, the small outpost that closed to move him and the guys to Wanat. Great guy, he faced a lot of challenges during the entire deployment. The prior Platoon leader, LT Ferrara was killed on an earlier battle in the area. In 15 months, Chosen Few lost more soldiers than any other company, or batalion, or Brigade in Afghanistan. Will never forget him.

    Chief R

  2. Sam,

    I'm hoping you are safe, somewhere in this satellite photo but I do not know how to reach you. You responded to my post about Wanat and I am hoping I can connect with you in some way. Would you please send a note to me by comment here? Or better, would you send an email to me? Click Here for my address. (I will not publish anything without your permission). I want you to know how much this story and the lives lost has meant to me. I am trying to understand and make sense of what happened. Please help me.


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