Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everyday Enlightenment - Revisted

Today I wanted to pass on to a client some simple strategies for starting over; finding direction and beginning again. As I prepared for our meeting, I outlined what I have found useful when faced with that recurring first day of the rest of my life. What I came up with were these often discussed and generally discarded basic elements of remembering who we are and why we are here. I say generally discarded as most of us know or have heard all of this in one form or another. However, when we need the knowledge the most; we simply go the other way. Please visit my web site for the rest of this article on starting over. Photo by Susan Najarian.


  1. That photograph is very relaxing to look at.

  2. The photo was taken by my wife Susan in our backyard just as the sun was coming up on a foggy morning. I liked the feeling of the sun coming through the fog...kind of what I feel like when I allow the noise in my life to settle as described in the article. If you like the photo, you can see more of Susan's work at her blog: or her web site:

    For the full article on calming the noise:

    Thanks for stopping by and clicking in to follow...Michael

  3. Wow, Susan I love photography too and this picture brings me peace. I have taken many pictures of beauty myself. You have an eye that speaks to the soul. Lucky you Michael! What a back yard view. I understand the quiet place within the soul. I wonder if it is human to have dilemmas with pushing the noise out of you and seeing the quiet as reaching self realization. Maybe the answer is in the old adage; deep in the woods where no one can reach by foot is a tree that falls. Was it quiet? Did you hear the noise? Or were you elated just to know it fell? Just a thought! As always loving it! Laurie BitchingRead

  4. Great article. I love the skit with those guys about the chisel.

  5. Thanks for the note on the picture "eternal." The photo was taken and processed by my wife in our backyard. This is the view from my office window in the fall mornings ... She has been integrating photography more and more into her work of late and in looking for something that expressed what I was trying to convey in the article...this photo did the job. Check out her blog at

  6. Brian, thanks for acknowledging the article. This is the kind of thing that I like writing about the very most. I have about five or six articles coming that follow up on this one. And...the Skit Guys ... YES!! God's Chisel is something I go to regularly when I need reminding.


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